Prioritize is a new engagement tool to get stakeholder preferences on budgeted projects.

Prioritize goes above and beyond a survey with a unique dual approach that allows users to make selections and then rank order them. Resulting data provides deeper insight to support decision-making within a fixed budget or one-time expense such as stimulus funds. With a user-friendly design, a Prioritize simulation can be created in an hour or less.

Key Features


Highly informative results, including weighted and unweighted scores.


Allows users to decide what to include in a given budget, and then rank order their selections.


Unique consensus analysis shows how many stakeholders will have at least one of their choices included.


Provides context to possible selections with images and descriptions so users can make more informed choices.


Enables good decision-making based on the support of stakeholder and audience preference.


Highly graphic and interactive display.

Prioritize quickly and easily gathers input from residents on allocation of stimulus funds like ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) and ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief).